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OLYMPUS Digital Camera Updater: A Guide to Updating Your C-60 Zoom Firmware and Language

All of my accessories for my olympus camedia c-60 dig camera were lost when my home was destroyed by Katrina. I have the camera but my computer and software were lost. How can I get a download for uses with my camera?

olympus camedia c-60 zoom software download

If you go to the olympus website the only available downloads are updates only. You must have Camedia software already on your pc to update to a newer version. I don't have the software on my pc at all and am unable to locate the free software anywhere. I hope this info helps.

i just a second hand olympus c-3000, and wasn't given any disk, can anyone please please please, tell me where to download it from, the camedia website is shit, just the updates,and i hink olympus socks too, so not proving free softeware download on their website.

I also lost my master disc for camedia master but have now found. When it was lost I emailed olympus for help and they were useless. Two different answers from the guy in relations. I guess they want everyone to buy another brand from now on.

i recently purchased a olympus stylus mju 300, but i need the software stuff for my computer as it didnt come with the camera. anyone no a free download site for wat i need and wat program i actually need?

i just got an olympus E500 and left all discs at home(on holiday in america - im from Australia) is there a way to get photos on to acomputer with outthem?is there aprogramei can download? please email meThank you

i found a site that let me download the camedia master 4.2 program with the drivers so i could get my olympus camera to download. if anyone is interested....go to Olympus Digital Camera Download - Download Software.i typed that in the adress and it took me to Olympus

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is olympus camedia c-60 zoom compatible with windows 11

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I have a olympus C 3000 zoom camera, I purchased the master 4.2 software. I have the software disk but not the cd csae with the license #s does any one have a # i can use, I don't want to pay the bastards another $ 40.00 bucks, they want me to buy another copy. Thx Michael

i am now 43, at 14, iwas almost killed by an articulate lorry and had to learn to walk again, in june & july 2001, i survived 2 strokes and had to learn yat again, how to walk, also how to talk and understand.i am not yet 100% fit, however, even though i explained to OLYMPUS UK all of the above and that i bought a D395 C-160 digital camera off the internet and that the cd was scratched and so i threw it away, PLEASE could they send me a new one.they told me to hold the line.I DID FOR 35 MINUTES AND THEN IT WENT DEAD, GGGRRRrrrrr !!!!!!!OLYMPUS OLYMPUS WE LOVE YOU (NOT !!!!).can anyone let me know how to get a camedia master version software disc ?, if you have one, please let me download it and send it back to you, so i can put my pics onto a disc for my kids to keep after i have my 3rd and final stroke, which if it were left to OLYMPUS, would have already been addy is:- [email protected]thanks, peter xxx.

Hey guy, you don't really need Camedia Master software to download picture from your olympus digital cameras, all you need is just a Card Reader/writer , all you do is just take out the SM card or whatever card in your digital camera is and slide it in to the right slot, there are a lot of card readers/writer in the market, you can buy one from the computer store, make sure you the right one, i got 23-in-one card reader/writer it fine for me, i can download pictures from my Olympus C-3000 zoom digital camera, so check it out and good luck

the above japanese link still works and the name camedia is in english, has a list of links to click on, pick one, should say >Camedia Master PRO v4.03 Final, went to OLYMPUS site and got upgrade to 4.2 and installed OK, takes a little effort, but gives you what you want, anybody tried to enter serial for ugrade to pro?

Do yourselves all a favor and go in ebay and pick up the master 1.1 software. I got mine for like 10 bucks. I bought a C3030 on ebay and did not have the software. Nearly drove myself nuts looking online for free downloads. The only downloads you can get are from olympus and they are upgrades. You must have the master first. You can buy it from olympus for 19.99 but, ebay is cheaper:)

You know I think Olympus controls who sells the Master Software on E-Bay, because you can hardly find but a few available and when/if you do they are bid so high you may as well go to the olympus website and purchase it for top-dollar. Also, 98% of the disks available on E-bay are sold by Olympus themselves, (damaged packages), exactly who most of us Olympus camera owners do not want to give another dime to. One more thing to note is the reason Olympus does not make the software readily available is to prevent theft. They figure that a theif won't steal an Olympus Camera if they can't use it, which may be the case for many of the people on this page, who don't have the software. I have one thing to say them.... steal the software (disk)....instead of the camera's more valuable than the camera itself... well at least more desireable.... as you can see here. Thx!

I have camedia master 2.5 for use with C-100/D-370 camera's in zip format here: This is asuming you have acroreader and a zip utility. I will leave this file here for 3 months or so. If you download then be sure to share with others who need it.

Hay I have an Olympus E-500 bought in Japan a couple of years ago. when I first installed my Olympus master software it only dsplays in Japanese I had to download another file OM_LANG_ENU.exe to convert it to english and this worked fine. but recently I rebuilt my computer and now I can find this translation programe anywhere it's only been 2 years. does anybody have a copy of it?

I have also lost the software, phoned up digital support in Prague, they directed me to Olympus Imaging Software - Olympus Master 2 for Olympus Master 2 (Free) then I went to Olympus - Softwareand downloaded XD201_Setup.exe (at the bottom) to activate xD card functions

Title: transfer Camedia Master software from one computer to another Weblog: Camera Hacker Excerpt: hi I can anyone tell me if its possible to copy the camedia master 4.1 on a USB and load on another computer? I lost my disc and need the software on another computer, however i have it on my desktop Tracked: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 18:09:38 +0000

Housed in a stylish, full metal jacket, the new Olympus C-60 Zoom is sure to impress. The digital model offers 6 million pixels and a bright (f2.8) 3x zoom lens for optimum results. Furthermore, the camera’s TruePic TURBO image processor boosts camera speed and picture quality to guarantee sharp, true-to-life results. Plus, you can enjoy your shots on a bright, summer’s day with new sunshine LCD technology. Available from April 2004, RRP will be 349.99 (inc VAT). For stockist information call freephone 0800 072 0070 or visit

So, after all, they can be better in operating as well as treating this camera. And one thing to be noted, that we will provide the Olympus C-60 Manual in PDF file format. So, before downloading it, make sure that you have PDF reader software installed in it.

So, for you who want to look for information regarding to this Olympus camera product, referencing to the manual below will be the best thing to do. To give you the better access, we will provide the manual in PDF. So, before reaching out to the manual, it will be better if you download the PDF reader software first.

The camera bottom reveals the same ultra-stiff battery-compartment cover, andthe tripod mounting socket.Like its C-2000 Zoom cousin, the C-2020 Zoom is lightweight and extremely compactat 10.8 ounces (306.2g) and 4.2 x 2.9 x 2.6 inches (107.5 x 73.8 x 66.4mm).While the thick body and small lens protrusion keeps the C-2020 Zoom out ofyour shirt pocket, the tidy design makes the camera a great candidate for alarger coat pocket or purse. We're sure you won't leave this one behind, especiallywith the accompanying neck strap.The same telescoping lens design from the C-2000 Zoom extends the lens aboutan inch or so beyond the front of the camera body when the camera powers upin one of the capture modes. Fully retracted, the 3/4 inch thick (20mm) lensbarrel adds about 1/4 inch (10mm) to the overall thickness of the unit, by projectingthat amount beyond the ergonomic bulge on the right front (viewed from behind)side of the camera. We're pleased to see the same hand grip design sculptedinto the right hand side of the body which encourages your fingers to fold andwrap around the camera and which should fit a wide range of hand sizes. TheSmartMedia slot is hidden inside the hand grip, beneath a plastic door thatsecurely snaps shut.Control layout remains very logical and orderly, as does the user interface,which is both simple and flexible. Additional controls have been added to theoriginal C-2000 Zoom design, such as the Manual Focus button, Flash control,Macro and Metering controls. Olympus has also re-worked the former rocker togglebutton into a more sure-footed arrangement of four separate arrow buttons (whichthey call a jog dial). We were glad to see that the camera still supplies feedbackon its shutter speed and aperture value choices and that you can still relyon the top panel LCD display for a great deal of camera information (helpingto conserve battery power).The small infrared remote control included with the camera lets you trip theshutter, operate the zoom lens and scroll through recorded images in Playbackmode. We really enjoyed this feature and the amount of freedom it gives.We still have one small complaint about the body design -- the very difficultto operate battery compartment door. Although we previously figured out theright trick to get it to close on the C-2000 Zoom, we still found that you needto exert a lot of pressure on the door to hold it shut so you can actuate thelatch. The trick we learned was to invert the camera, place two fingers on eitherside of the latch lever and a thumb on the shutter button, and pinch firmlywhile rotating the latch with the fingers of the other hand. It seems like aminor gripe, but we do wish it were a little easier. The only other minor complaintwe have is that the tripod mount is too close to the battery compartment forcomfort, making battery changes while mounted to the tripod a bit of a hassle.One way around this is to just use the AC adapter, which plugs in on the leftside of the camera (viewed from the back) along with the video in and digitaljacks.ViewfinderThe C-2020 Zoom offers both an optical, real-image viewfinder and a rear panel1.8 inch, 114,000-pixel, TFT color LCD screen (almost doubling the C-2000 Zoom's72,000 pixels). Besides the improved sharpness you'd expect from the increasedpixel count, the viewfinder on the C-2020 also has a wider viewing angle. (Likeany LCD though, it's still difficult to see in direct sunlight.) The opticalviewfinder accommodates eyeglass wearers with both a dioptric correction adjustmentand a comfortably high eye-point, leaving a reasonable amount of room betweenyour eye and the finder for an eyeglass lens to fit in. The optical viewfinderis also almost entirely immune to framing errors due to lateral variations ineye location. The optical viewfinder zooms along with the lens, but cannot showthe operation of the digital zoom, which therefore is only enabled when theLCD monitor is operating as a viewfinder. Orange and green LED indicators adjacentto the optical viewfinder illuminate or blink to show camera status, such asfocus lock, flash charging, camera ready, missing memory card, etc.The C-2020 Zoom's LCD viewfinder provides detailed feedback about the currentexposure settings, showing the currently selected f-stop, shutter speed andexposure compensation in a row of numbers across the top. In Aperture and ShutterPriority modes, the aperture or shutter value appears continuously, along withthe exposure compensation setting, while the second, automatically determinedexposure value (either shutter speed or f-stop) appears whenever the shutterbutton is half pressed, triggering the autofocus and autoexposure systems. Thesame goes for Manual mode, except both values are displayed together. One improvementover the previous C-2000 Zoom is that when using the new manual focus feature,a distance display appears on the LCD monitor. This is extremely helpful insituations where it's hard to focus and you'd rather use distance as a guide.Along with the new manual focus option comes a new, magnified live viewfindermode, which digitally zooms only the viewfinder display (not the final imageitself) by 2.5x, as a focusing aid. We were surprised by how well this workedin practice, perhaps due in part to the increased resolution of the LCD displayitself: The C2020 is the first digicam we've seen with a manual focus optionthat you can actually effectively focus based on the LCD display.When using the LCD monitor to review captured images, you can zoom in on displayedimages up to 3x, and then scroll around the enlarged image using the jog dialbuttons. This is extremely handy for checking focus, small details or preciseframing. There's also the index display option, which shows either four, nineor 16 thumbnail-sized images at a time. A very handy "quick view"function lets you immediately check the picture you've just taken in capturemode by pressing the Display button twice in quick succession. The image willremain displayed on the LCD until you revert to capture mode by pressing theDisplay button again.OpticsContinuing their good reputation for quality optics, Olympus provides an allglass aspheric lens design, with eight elements in six groups, on the C-2020Zoom. The 6.5 to 19.5mm lens provides a range of 35mm equivalent focal lengthsfrom about 35 to 105mm. Of greatest interest in its design though, is its veryfast F/2.0 to F/2.8 (wide to tele) maximum aperture. Normal focusing distanceranges from 31 inches (0.8m) to infinity, while a macro mode captures from eightto 31 inches (0.2 to 0.8m). Autofocus occurs through the lens, using a contrastdetection method. This means that the autofocus will work properly with auxiliarylenses. The green LED next to the optical viewfinder lights solid as soon asthe subject is in focus (flashing means there's a problem focusing and you mayneed to switch to manual focus or macro). This focus feedback is a very niceadded feature relative to the C-2000: With our C-2000, we're never sure whetherthe focus has actually achieved a "lock" or not, particularly in dimlighting conditions.As noted above, in addition to the autofocus system, the C-2020 Zoom providesa manual focus setting, activated by the MF button on the rear panel. Did wealready say it? - We really like the distance readout that pops up on the LCDmonitor to help you gauge focus in difficult focusing situations! (Why haven'tany other digicam manufacturers provided a distance readout for manual focusmodes? It doesn't seem like it should be very difficult to implement.) The distancereadout is also helpful when shooting in macro mode, which can sometimes bea little tricky.The C-2020 Zoom retains the body-mounted accessory threads that couple to Olympus'adapter unit, the CLA-1. This optional adapter extends the threads out to justflush with the front of the lens when it's fully extended, and provides 43mmfilter threads. It's important to note though, that this adapter is made towork with Olympus' own accessory lenses, all of which use an additional adapterring to step the threads up to the diameter needed by the auxiliary lenses.The consequence of this is that the design of the CLA-1 assumes that there willbe another thread adapter ring stacked on top of it, and so doesn't extend farenough for 43mm filters to clear the lens barrel: 43mm filters will interferewith proper lens operation, and could damage the lens mechanism itself! Thus,if you buy a CLA-1, be sure to also buy a step-up ring to whatever common filtersize you've standardized on, and to give you the extra millimeter or two ofneeded clearance in front of the lens barrel.While the C-2020 Zoom's lens provides up to 3x optical zoom, an additional 2.5xdigital zoom can capture images at approximately 7.5x, albeit with noticeablequality degradations in the resulting image. Digital zoom is activated throughthe settings menu with options of 1x (no zoom), 1.6x, 2x and 2.5x. Note thatthe digital zoom cannot be used with the uncompressed TIFF mode and is onlyaccessible with the LCD monitor on. When the LCD is dismissed, the digital zoomreturns to the 1x setting.The lens on the C-2020 Zoom appears to be of generally good quality, with verylow chromatic aberration and good sharpness. Our one criticism is that geometricdistortion is a bit higher than we'd like to see, particularly at the wide angleend of its range: At the maximum wide-angle setting, the lens shows barrel distortionof 0.9%, which switches at the telephoto end to a moderate 0.38% pincushion. ExposureThe C-2020 Zoom offers a great deal of control over exposure and we're pleasedto note a full manual control that wasn't available with the former C-2000 Zoom.Additionally, the C-2020 Zoom gives you four options for ISO (Auto, 100, 200and 400, in all modes). As you'd expect, the more sensitive settings also resultin noisier images, but it's useful to be able to select the ISO value you wantto work with. It's a definite plus to be able to use a faster shutter speedor a smaller lens opening while using a higher ISO, or to achieve slow shuttereffects (like a motion blur) with


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