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2020 Tait-Consul-Griffith Football Officials Camp Covid-19 update.

Campers, Staff and Guests:

During these uncertain times I pray that you and your families are safe.

On May 1st, Utah reopened. They were one of the first western states to close and have enough Covid-19 test for all of their residents.

On Friday May 22nd SUU administration will make a decision about whether or not the football department may go forward with camp or if they will be cancelling the 2020 session.

Please send me an email or post on the 2020TCG website with any questions that you may have. On Saturday, May 16th I will host a question and answer Zoom call at 10:00am PST.

More information to follow.

Current open spots for camp:

R 5

U 3

H 4

L 5

S 3

F 2

B 5

Thank you,


Jason Evans
Frankie Ruelas
Brandyn Baker
Bryce Rood


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